As Purchased

February 2016

The Grade II* listed ruin was bought in February 2016 with the purpose of giving it a new lease of life as a two bedroom home. Without such an intervention, the Folly would have continued to deteriorate and probably would not still be existing within a generation or two. However, the purchase was not made without substantial risks.

Not only was the building listed as Grade II* but, inevitably, given its historic status and importance, there were numerous restrictions placed upon any reconstruction. Located in an acre of mature trees,

protected by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) and in an Area of Attractive Landscape (AAL), it is also a site of archaeological interest, with an Anglo-Saxon Cemetery in the vicinity.

The Planning Process

When deciding to purchase a Listed Building, it is necessary and important to analyse and assess carefully and professionally every aspect of the property.

If you are wishing to restore or change the use of a Listed Building, a Scheduled Monument or a building in a Conservation Area, your Local Council will ask you to include in your Planning Application and Listed Building Consent the following documents:

  • Design and Access Statement
  • Structural Report
  • Heritage Statement
  • Location Plan
  • Drawings of the Existing and Proposal

Depending on the character and nature of the building, other documents may be required. With regard to the restoration of Dinton Castle, the following were also required.

  • WSI (Archaeological Watching Scheme of Investigation) and final reports.
  • PRA (Preliminary Bat Roost Assessment) and subsequent bat surveys.
  • TPP (Tree Protection Plan for TPOs or Conservation Areas) BS 5836:2012

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Please get in touch if you are looking for an Architect or help with your project. Dinton Castle is now a private residential dwelling but you can visit the office for a consultation. To do so please book an appointment using the Contact Form below or call on 07473111648. Many thanks.
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