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Approaching H-BIM

Once the land had been cleared, the design approved and Planning Consent granted, works could begin.

The 3D Laser Scanner, used originally to assess building pathologies turned out to be the most useful tool in the design and manufacturing processes.

  • The Point Cloud scanned, enabled an asymmetrical helicoidal staircase to be CNC cut, assembled in a workshop and installed in the void of a turret with millimetric precision.
  • Windows and doors were measured and designed on a computer.
  • The scan also enabled the building of timber arch formers from plotter printed paper templates.

This technology is revolutionizing the traditional approach to architectonical restoration and conservation and is a central part of the expertise offered by this architectural practice.

The next step in Restoration, Conservation or Change of Use for your business, H-BIM (Heritage Building Information Modeling)

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